Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Build templating - getting started - the quick guide

To get started there are 2 steps to be performed:

  • pick a plan which you would like to be a template, tick the "Is Template" flag. This will allow the plan to appear in the other plans in the dropdown with template names.
  • Once you have the Template allowed, go in the configuration of the other plan - Miscellaneous page.
    Here you should find a section "Template list" with a dropdown. Select from the dropdown the template name and tick what would you like to be templated.
The replication can be started in few modes (result is same but depending on your permissions in Bamboo one can be more comfortable than the other):
  • by doing changes to the template (save on Miscellaneous page)
  • by going to the template operations menu
  • from System administration / Addons / replication operations
As a test I would suggest to trigger the replication without any server pause. If you wait a bit you should see the progress in the replication operations.
One important aspect, name your tasks ! In order for templating to work properly please make sure you give your tasks unique names, this will ensure the engine can identify which task from template has been copied over and also will ensure the state of the tasks is maintained between copies.
Another important aspect, replication is not done on the fly, it needs to be triggered,

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