Test Management System for JIRA

A JIRA based complete test management system

The TMS add-on is allowing Jira customers to have a full test management system. No more integrations with separate products, no more separate security management and third party products to maintain.

All data gets stored inside Jira database and managed via a single system.

Create your test case library in one project

This is where your feature test plans are going, a test plan should match your feature, each story in your backlog can have a test case associated. 

Create test cases

Define your subtasks in the test plans, these are your test cases, put clear steps and expected results.

At the project level a new report is available showing which issues are covered by test cases.

Time to prepare your executions

Create one execution project, this will be used to track progress on executions. If you have this project start scheduling your test plans and distribute the workload! From the main Jira menu you will be able to select plans and convert them to execution plans. This will effectively convert each test case to a test execution, allowing you to mark if you like each step as passed or failed. Once all steps have been executed you can mark the entire execution as passed or failed.

At this point you will be able to track progress via the usual filters, 2 dimensional filters etc !

Other features

The plugin is coming with specialized custom fields for testing, in case you don't like the default process you can always opt to create custom workflows and use these new fields !

Exporting and importing data

For data exports and imports the plugin will follow the standard Jira mechanisms allowing you to use Excel or XMLs.

Automation ?

The plugin doesn't have at the moment any execution automation's but due to the flexibility of Jira integration with third party tools is easy, even a simple bash script can search for test executions pending and run the commands in sequence !

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